This is the first time I have ever blogged... I have no idea who might read this or if this will be read at all so I shall right it like an internal monologue. Enjoy ... Started the PSO yesterday and already I have seen a vast improvement in my results. If I cash in one of my next 2 $3 sngs im going to be close to the top 10 in the low orbit this week. Previously I have been up and down like a yo-yo so maybe this strategy is working or im on a streak. Who knows time will tell. Not the first time I made the top 10 in low orbit but only time I been close recently. On another topic watched David Williams play poker online last night and I have to say out of all the pro's I watched he my favourite so far. Talking to folk on the rail and having banter aswell as playing like an absolute mainiac on some uber turbo rebuy! Hope he not busted himself though cos he ended up playing a 0.25$ tourney afterwards :S Right time to try and make this top 10 Peace Bubble