Hi All, 

This blog is going to be the start of a bankroll building excersise aimed at trying to start low and building up from there. 

I've started with a few FTP's and turned them into SNG tickets then transfered the money across to my pokerstars account to take advantage of the bonuses. 

After a few days my bankroll is sitting at $35.71 now generally you should start with at least 50 BI for each level, I've taken a more risky approach and gone with $1.50 STT SNG's, I'm going to try to build up from these levels and move onto higher and mix in MTT's as my bankroll allows I'll be following this straegy http://www.pocketfives.com/f7/sng-multitable-sng-mtt-bankroll-management-chart-guide-378221/

all the best and goodluck out there.