Joe Hachem's odd's, out's and probalilities.


Playing poker is a lot of  fun the more i played the better i wanted to be. With my limited skill

at the game i realize i needed help considering my win loss percentage. All the help i would

need was right here at PSO live training so to the couses i went and learned. Became a better

player increased my win loss percentage still over time not happy with outcome of most of

games back to courses updating completeing more courses feeling more confident back to tables.

Now with new found confidence i'm doing well but i missing out on hands i should have won

in hindsight now what to do i realize thinking back over a number of games and tournaments.

I have not taken advantage odd's and out's had i done this i'm now sure i would have done

a whole lot better. So bright idea video tutorials over time i watch large number tutorials on odd's

and out's with each one giving me more of imformation i need at tables. Now at the tables my

new found confidence odd's and out's i'm feeling a whole lot better and picking up hands i was

letting go before taking time counting my out's calculate the odd's and taking down the pot.

Now playing at the tables if find myself folding a little to often it's time to go back video tutorials.

This time i watched Joe Hachem odd's, out's and probalilities a lot of information to take in

had to watch 3-4 times odd's, out's and probalilities, hidden out's, discounted out's, pot odd's,

implied pot odd's  wow like i said a lot to take in but i'm at tables and it's working.

Thanks to all PSO for the courses and tutorials.