So far, I've lost about $100 playing a mixture of cash, spin and gos, and MTTs. I haven't been concerned with bankroll, or with items such as long term. Basically, I've tasted gambling in it's most addictive form, playing with all my money on the line.

So now, I've decided to play from an analytical standpoint. I have a live game starting 5 days from now, at .10-.25 NLHE. In order for me to feel well playing that, I want to practice online cash management.. namely, playing with proper management, rebuying where needed, and calling quits in the right spots.

I plan on loading $50-$100 in the upcoming week, and playing at 1/50th to 1/25th of my bankroll... namely, 1/2c games. Although I enjoy PLO, I also plan on focusing on Hold 'em strategy for now. While I love PLO, and know more about it (technically), the games I will be playing live is NLHE, so that's where I need to learn the most.

I am undecided whether I want to play table or ZOOM poker... I think a variety would be good. I will also be practicing live with a friend.

Some goals;

-Play consistantly. Know thyself.

-Observe/note playing styles. Know thy enemy (maybe HUD? Jivaro?)

-Focus more on the play, not on the money.

By the end of this week, I expect to be +/- $10. I will spend a consistant amount of time on it while not interfering with my current obligations.