Playing and trying to grind the respected freeroll community has lead me to write this blog. Of course I am trying to imply sarcasm in my opening line. There seems to be a lack of respect for players who want to do well. I play in the Open Skill League almost everyday without fail and there is always one player who does not know the true value of playing in that tournament. They see that 10,000 players have entered, yet only the top 90 get paid and in their words, "We are playing for peanuts". I bet it's these players who probably don't even know about the monlthy leader board, the Premier Skill League or the new lucrative Big Bang freeroll, are taking my place that I try and work hard for.



Don't you ever think to yourself, why the hell did he shove all in with 64 offsuit ( I like to call this hand the Ninteno) pre flop. I have pocket Aces for crying out loud! Oh that's right, because your going to hit a full house on the flop! Not only do I lose a huge chunk of my hard earned chip stack, but I also get a "BAHAHAHAHAHA" from my lucky opponent. I'm not sure about you guys, but I like to take my frustration out by doing something like this, it makes me feel a lot better...




After releasing all my frustration out, I like to jump back on PokerStars and try to become rich so I can quit my job and more importantly, sleep in! One can only dream, right? Although there are people living my exact dream as we speak. It's not only my dream to earn some crazy amount of mula playing online, it's yours too. Is there a right or wrong way of playing poker? Or does it just come down to pure luck at the end of the day?


Also, have you ever wondered why players do what they actually do? Of course you have! How much easier would it be if people played poker like you? Because the way you, yes you my friend, player poker, is the right way to play poker. Think about it.


We have all seen some fairy sick stuff that the dealer loves producing and I guess that's why we love ( or hate ) our poker so much!