I played about 25 minutes of FLHE at .02/.04 today. I played 21 hands and came out $0.14 ahead.

I've reread Lee Jones' Winning Low Limit Hold'em and the FLHE section of Ed Miller's Getting Started in Hold 'Em and my focus at the moment is playing tight. I haven't memorized any starting hand charts Rather than checking to see what a chart says I should do in a given situation I'm trying to focus on the characteristics of each hand and whether it is playable in a given situation. I want to be able to figure out why I'm playing a given hand rather than whether a chart says I should play it a particular way. I think I'll learn better this way.


I ask myself what advantages the hand has. Is is suited, connected, are the cards high or low? "What is the best hand I can make from this?"  "What am I hoping for on the flop and how likely is it to happen?" I find that this makes it very easy to throw away junk. 82 (yes, I did get dealt 82 off suit today) - What am I hoping for on the flop? Um, maybe a pair of 8's and a 2. How likely is that? Not very. And even if I do get the dream flop, who's going to call my bet?

I saw the flop 3 times in 21 hands. Once in the big blind, never in the small blind, and twice in other positiions.   I think I played okay. I won three hands without a showdown, including a massive (relative to the stakes) $0.28 pot. The biggest mistake I think I made was raising with a pair of 5's in UTG+1. I probably should have called. Other than that I didn't really make any errors.

I'm pretty happy with the results, I played in accordance with my focus on being tight and I enjoyed myself.