So I limp in with QQ a limper ahead of me with the blinds at 25 50.Button makes it 150, limper calls as do I.
Flop comes down 10 10 4, checks by the limper and myself with the orignal raiser making it 450. Limper ahead of me folds. I think for a bit, no way do they have a 10 so with the pot at 975 and 875 behind me i ship it figuring I'm up against AK maybe AQ but not AA or KK.I was right .Pockets 9's WHOOP,no flush draws or runner runner straights.DAMN IT a 9 on the turn leaving me needing a 2 outter of my own.Didn't happen .So instead of gaining positive points I lose 16 and and at looking at have to grind those lost points just to have a chance at a top 10 payout..

It has sure been fun watch the top 3 or 4 spots on top of the leaderboard this month.