What a bad day. Played 5 times and the best i did was 99th !!!! Got kings and lost to aces - got rivered twice and had a rush of blood to the head once. 4 of the 5 results were in the mid 200's which just isn't good at all. Saw my position drop from 3rd to 9th. What's the problem you might be thinking ! That's not to bad is it ? But you want to know something ?? Since being in the top 5 for most of the month - ive noticed that the points awarded to those setting the pace are TERRIBLE !!! A complete and utter rip off. Now i know it's explained in the scoring section but i used to enter a league meeting knowing top 33% to top 25% and i had positive points. Not the case anymore. So if you have ambitions to break into the top 50 fair enough. But if you want to get into the top 10 BE WARNED - the points are terrible and the penalties for failure are harsh. I also stuck a picture of my ugly mug up on the same day !!!!!! I wonder if there's any connection to that and my game falling apart ??!!!! lol. Good luck at the tables ( if your in the top 10 your going to need it ).