Here's the previews:

I get low suited connectors on the big blind and there are no raise preflop; to which I check and get a low flop that gives you open ended and flush draw.

Here's the play:

The SB CHECKS; to which i bet 3x BB and 1 person calls. But wait...  SB raises me? I call and the other guy calls.
Turn gives a higher card that gives me the flush to which the SB goes all-in...
After long hesitation I call hoping he doesnt have a better flush. But wait!!! the 3rd person calls as well HUHHHH??????

Revelation of hands :
The SB who raised me on the flop and went all in on the turn had NOTHING (to not say other words).
The other guy hit his set on the turn...

River gave the guy his full house...

Don't need to guess if I went on tilt after or not... no raise preflop with his pocket pairs TO WHICH HE CALLED A BET AND A RAISE???

Another of those JOKERSTARS JOKES.

I need other people's opinions on what you would have done on the flop?