Hiya PSO peeps, sorri i havent posted here since the start of January, i guess i been flat out busy playin poker all month, when i say flat out now i mean serious hours were put in.. 

So i said in my last post i might be back to set some poker goals for 2012, didnt quite get around to doing that, so i thought it might be a good place to start now..

1. PSO Skill Leagues

Since i started blogging in october and taking my poker alot more seriously ive been banging on about the PSO Premier League. Well i managed to qualify for Decembers Premier, messed that up on the 2nd last day of the month and failed to re qualify in January for Februarys league. 

So TARGET NO.1. in 2012 is re qualify for PSO Premier Skill League and STAY in the league for the rest of the year. No more dropping back out, if and when i qualify in February for March's Premier League i want to make it a priority to stay there. I feel the premier league is a great league to practice and perfect alot of skills, it is a tough league with great opponents therefore playing in said league can only be beneficial to every one involved.

2. NLHE Cash Game

I never really did play much cash games, guess i didnt want to blow the little bankroll i had and i was alot more confident and felt i knew what i was doing more in MTTs and SnGs.

But i decided i wanted to add cash games to my Poker CV, lol...

So i took the plunge in January and hit the Micro Cash tables with a bang, hours upon hours i played, thousands of hands in the month of January, enough to make SILVER star vip status. Something i never really took much notice of untill now was my VIP Status, 750 VPPs every calendar month to reach Silver Status and keep it for the following month.

I'll be quite honest i played cash tables that i should not have played on, ie; bankroll permitting, won money for 2 days then blew the lot in one session!! OUCH!!!

So i sensibly dropped back down to lower stakes and really tried to apply my A Game every time i got dealt a hand, i made money and found it quite easy to be honest, i made some more money and this trend continued for a few days, what i have been tending to do though is taking the winnings from cash tables and buying into various mtts which i normally wouldnt play in, im having fun and adding alot of poker experience and hands to the brain, all good....

TARGET NO.2. in 2012 is definately continue to try and put the hours in on the cash tables and also try and maintain Silver VIP Status for the year, this will require plenty of hours at the tables.


I have played 2 full months in Div 1, finishing in 5th and 13th respectively in the league, two great starts i thought, top IRISH man in the league in my first 2 months, so also a good note.

TARGET NO.3. for 2012 will be to continue playing in Div 1, continue trying to put good efforts in the league and to maintain a top 20 finish every month would be great, i would be very happy with that. An overall win in this league would be great, lol, REALLY great and to be honest i think it is VERY achievable.


Before i ever played on Pokerstars i played quite a few live tournaments at a local Card club and i also played a couple of tournaments in The CELTIC POKER TOUR, a series of tournaments that travel around Ireland at 110euro buy in level, culminating in a grand final with a 600euro buy in.  Will be quite honest i never made any serious cash at any of these events but they were fun and also great learning experiences.

I want to start playing in alot more live events, i wana do it all to be honest, i mean dont we all? 

So GUESS WHAT? Briany84 tryed and conquered, lol, i've qualified for a seat at;


Cant wait, it's going to be massive, im absolutely loving the thoughts of it and just hope to God i run good, make good decisions and PRAY that the Cards fall for me!!! 

I qualified through our favourite Poker Room in the world Pokerstars.com. I will b playing in the 700+70 Euro NLHE MAIN EVENT, starting in two days on Thursday the 16th at 12:00 WET. The event plays a 15K starting stack with 60Min levels, two Day 1s on the 16th and 17th, playing through out the weekend culminating in the final table being played on Monday 20th.

U have probably guessed it by now, yep, ur right TARGET NO.4. for 2012 is to qualify for and play in as many UKIPT Season 3 Events as possible, im hoping to play in all the IRISH events, Galway, Dublin, Cork and hopefully another 1 or 2 of the events being held in the UK.

So thats it from me for now, 4 Achievable goals set for 2012.....