So i was guna write a big waffle about how disastrous the last 2 days of December were for me Pokerwise. I had alot of it wrote out and then the laptop froze or something sick just went down, so i cudn b bothered do it again, it's late and im sleepy!!

To cut a long story short i sat in 640th in the prem league on the 30th and messed it up by having two disaster tourneys at the end of the month, i had one last chance to put thngs right in the very last game of the month, put up a good effort, i think like 20sumthin place, but it wasnt good enough, fin in 904th i think for the month, no re qualification for January!!! 

Was pretty pissed off at the time but im over it now and just think it will stand me good for February, i will be back in the premier league and i will stay in it, ive learned a few lessons recently and think my game is getting a little better all of the time..

UKIPT DIV 1 was prob my most consistent game over the whole of December, i made a nice few £ Sterling from it.  Over 29 tourneys, I Final Tabled 4 times and cashed a further 7 times. Winning 2 tournaments, also getting a 4th place and a 6th place finish in the last tourney of the month on the 31st Dec..

Position Username Country Played Points
1 cheesyballs0 United Kingdom 31 136
2 tiggastripe United Kingdom 29 133
3 RAZAPRO United Kingdom 22 131
4 1BIRD1 United Kingdom 31 124
5 Briany84 Ireland 29 121

So as you's all can see from my little peek at the table, i ended December in 5th place overall in UKIPT Div1, i guess i was and am happy enough with that result, a nice little cash prize and a satellite ticket for UKIPT qualifiers, happy enough but also dissapointed i dint take the league down and win myself a full UKIPT Package, plenty of months to come i guess!!!

Next im thinking is set a few poker goals for 2012, its still early January, give it a few days, maybe a week and i'll be back with some goals and maybe targets for the year!

January 2012 for me is off to an OK start i guess you could say. If you have been following my blog since i started a couple months ago you will no im trying to manage my bankroll alot better, lol, its kinda going OK and then not so OK and then OK again. Lmfao!!!! (Just took a half hour break from typing for another Beer and a Smoke) Lol, feeling refreshed and mad for more waffling!!!

Ive been doing ok i guess, the highest my BRoll has been since the start of this blog was $161, this stemd from a $30 deposit, not loads but enough to keep me plugging away. I satellited into the 10A Sunday Million, also played the 10A Sunday Storm and the World Record Attempt Tourney, haha, didnt cash in any but made a go at them anyway!!

What im getting at is my BRoll, DISASTER the last week or so, bought into a few Higher Buy-Ins, did ok in some but blew others and totally decimated my BRoll, it went from like $80 and DOWN, DOWN, DOWN, woke up this morning on the 6th Jan and looked down at $3 in my account, oopppsss..... Was looking at the possibilities of making a deposit but didnt really want to, dont want to have to deposit ever again to be honest, i shouldnt need to, i believe im good enough to keep the BRoll alive and try turn a profit..

So ive been playing the Premier League Qualifier, and this morning was magic!! With $1 of my last 3 i bought into a qualifier tourney, 180 runners and TOOK it down, lol, SWEET... 1st Place in 3.5hrs and $38  for my depleted BRoll..

I went on then to check my account and guess what, more good news, lol, i recieved my winnings in £ for last months 5th place finish in UKIPT Div 1, DOUBLE SWEET, more good news for my BRoll ! ! ! !

And guess what folks there is more, lmfao at this stage! ! I enterd another Prem league Qualifier tourney later on today and the cards ran good, i ran good, made some good decisions and BOSH, hit another Final Table, taking 5th Place, TRIPLE SWEET! ! !

Lol, the BRoll was nearly all over this morning at $3 and im off to bed now with the BRoll standing pretty again at just under $100 in Total, $ and £ in my account.. 

Im also standing in a respectable, 2nd Place in the Premier Qualifying League, NICE, just keep it going now and get back into the Premier in February..

Anyway folks, WOW, epic post, lol, well im only here couple times a month, so gota make it worth while..

Hopefully be back soon with some POKER GOALS for 2012..