PSO Premier league is teaching me a tough lesson this month, i swear to god it is, lol!!

Won't tell no lies, well theres not much point on here really is there, lol, all d stat junkies wouldnt b 2 long in correcting in any mistakes!!

Im having a bad month in the Premier league, ok its my 1st month and im sure there would need to be some adjusting to the game but we are half way through the month now and im propping up the end of the leaderboard.

As of this morning i am in 1352/1391, with a score of 1415.59, the man in 800th spot, thats the qualification spot for nxt months Premier has 1499.07, only a difference of +83.48

Not to much of a point gap, 1 good deep run or a couple of top 30 runs maybe would do it. Im going to keep pluggin away for the rest of the month and hopefully it will turn around for me.
The annoying thing is this month i might have a good tourney, score 30-50points and then i have 2 disaster tourneys after that, this has happened a couple of times this month and i cant afford for it to happen again, im thinkin im guna have to tighten up my game a touch, maybe take a little less risk, lol!!! Will c wat happens i guess...


Position Username Country Played Points
1 No jinx here United Kingdom 15 78
2 tiggastripe United Kingdom 13 72
3 Briany84 Ireland 14 67
4 cheesyballs0 United Kingdom 15 65
5 masisty United Kingdom 15 62

Ukipt Div 1 is going alot better for me as you can see from a little peek at the top of the table, the whole of the top 5 has changed since my last post, all new players except for Briany84, i have moved up 1 spot this week, whilst the immediate players above and below me all fell down the rankings since my last post..

I said the last tym i was here my UKIPT tourneys ITM results would have to improve slightly, i think they have, i was 3/9 ITM on the 11/12 and this morning i am 7/14 Tourneys ITM, 1 win, a 4th place, so 2 Final Tables and 5 Min Cashes, ranging from around 20th place back to 45th place. 

UKIPT Div1 is going OK, need to keep up the pressure though and im sure i will need another final table or two to win this league.. Im guna try!! Watch dis space....

C u all on the tables!!!!