So, at the end of last month i noticed the UKIPT leagues in the lobby, i played in 2 Div1 tourneys at the end of November and enjoyed the games, the structure and most importantly, the potential prizes at the end of a good month.

Needless to say i decided to give UKIPT Div1 a good go in  December, its going well!!!

A quick peek at the top of the table after Sat 10th Dec play is finished...

1 BluffYou123 Ireland 10 55
2 Arnie188 United Kingdom 10 53
3 ItWasDuke United Kingdom 10 50
4 Briany84 Ireland 9 46
4 Claret1 United Kingdom 8 46
6 masisty United Kingdom 10 45

So ive played 9 tourneys and im nestled in 4th place, its going well only 9points behind fellow Irishman 'BluffYou123', a possible 21 tourneys left in the month, so im guna give it a serious bash, try and bring my best game to the tables every time!! 

PokerStars Tournament #476274998, No Limit Hold'em
Buy-In: £1.00/£0.10 GBP
224 players
£26.00 GBP added to the prize pool by PokerStars
Total Prize Pool: £250.00 GBP
Tournament started 2011/12/03 19:30:00 WET [2011/12/03 14:30:00 ET]

Dear Briany84,

You finished the tournament in 1st place. A GBP 48.49 award has been credited to your Real Money account.


The 9 tourneys ive played in ive had 1 Win, a 4th place and a Min cash, So 3 out of 9 ITM, a £9.90 investment spun into £71.47..  Nothing shabby about that...

I guess 3/9 ITM isnt that great, i will have to finish ITM more as the month goes on to maintain a good position in the league, but so far HAPPY with the way UKIPT Div1 is going in December...

Now, onto the PSO Premier!!

November for me was all about qualifying for the Premier and reaching 150vpps so as i would be eligible for the top prize brackett in December if i qualified..  

Well i hit that target, done. December for me is all about STAYING in the premier league, so that means a minimum fin position in the league of 800th place..  At the minute, not going great!!!!

Had my best finish in 1 of the PSO Premier tourneys today, 32/509, this finish will give me some good points for the leaderboard, but will not pull me into the top 800, thats how bad the first week of PSO Premier went for me, in total, a loss of 96points, terrible.... I had a few positive point tourneys but they were minimum, barely +5 points, my losses were alot greater in -ve points...

Still have plenty of league games to go in the month but my game will have to improve dramatically.. Im lookin 4ward to the challenge, as lets face it, it can only improve my game playing with better players day in and day out.. The standard of play is very high as i expected, maybe even better than i expected, my eyes are opened!!!!

Bring on the rest of December!!!!!!!!!

C u at the tables....