So i didnt post since the middle of the month, i had become annoyed with it all to be honest..

Ive been on Pokerstars since March this year, on and off really, Joined the PSO in March also. For what ever reason i hadnt been playing poker much in the last few months, i moved from Ireland to England and back to Ireland again all within 10months, guess that had alot to do with not being settled. A little bit more of my poker history is in previous posts. Im still in the black on Pokerstars, still in profits, but that is mainly due to 1 large cash i had previously in an mtt, nothing serious in months, min cashes here and there, a few deepish runs, but nothing worth mentioning. Still up over $600, so not to bad i guess.... Only discovered last nyt, lol, wealth of info....

What im getting to is, why i didn post since the middle of the month? A few bad days in the PSO Open and a demolishing of my bankroll on the micro mtt circuit, lol!! So i was a little pissed off with myself, didnt wana blog, lol, had F All to blog about really, lol!!!

This is really my first month of trying the PSO and obviously i wanted a top 500 spot so i would be invited to nxt months premier, making a good go at it, playing as many tournaments as i could whilst also building up the 150vpps needed to be eligible for the top prize bracket in next months Premier league.

It was all going ok i guess, but towards the 20th/23rd of the month i had a bad slump, a few days of it, and wudnt you know i wasnt in the top500 of the open league, i had slippd out of the top 1000. Well it went down to the wire, i mean the wire!! I woke on the 30th with the required 150vpps but only in 670 odd place in the league, i was going to devote the guts of my whole day playing PSO and nothing else, i managed to get 4 League tourneys played, i kinda worked out that by the end of the day i would need at least 100 points to creep up into the top 500. After a miserable start to my mission loosing 10points with a bad tourney, i stuck at what i thought was my A game and sweet justice prevailed, +21points in the next, +78 in the 3rd of the day and +11 points in my 4th and final game of the day!! I went to bed fairly happy, id given it my best go anyways but i wouldn't be certain of my finishing spot in the league untill i checkd the following morning, 464/120,000, SWEET!!! Happy days, mission accomplished, ticket for next months premier league!!

The mission for december is going to be stay in the premier league and hopefully have a nice finishing position, somewhere in the top 100 would be fantastic, maybe un realsitic, i dont know, time will tell!!! 

For now, happy enough with promotion at my first attempt, it was a long month, i played loads'a PSO tourneys, some good, some bad, but all worth it, having lotsa fun and learning and improving all the time i think.. 

So thats it for now, an epic waffle, hahahaha, c u at the tables!!!