Almost a week since my last post, i was getting tired of doing it every day, think i will just pop back here from time to time to update wats been happening.. 

Ya can tell from the title of the post wat my problem is, PSO Open Skill League, so i got off to a bad start, then a little recovery and now its gone to shit again, lol!!
After a shakey start to the month, i soon found myself nestled nicely in the top 500, thats where i wana be, i wana get the Premier League ticket obviously!!
I had a couple of OK finishes after my final table appearance on the 4/11, i had a 75th, 330 odd and a couple of 900th place finishes, all fairly good results with some decent points for the league from 30points up to around 80points.

Uno wat happens next, dont ya?

4 Consecutive early exits, pure disasters, loosing nearly 80points!!! So thats me marched straight back down the leaderboard, just outside the top 1000, alot of work to be done if im to make the promotion spot, top 500, thats the aim for this month, i said it at the start of this blog, Premier League PSO, im guna make it happen, with a bit of luck this month!!! 

I remember from my last post, the bankroll was up and down like a yo yo last weekend, hopefully this weekend it'll just b going UP, UP, UP, lol!!! Its highest point since i started blogging was like $40, back down to $23 at the end of my last post, well its been a rough week, let me tell ya!! I found myself on Wednesday evening, the 9/11, down to my last $9..  A couple of deep runs later in 2 micro stakes Mtts of 5000+ entrys i find the bankroll back up to $35, sweet, just gota keep improving on it now, this up and down shit is boring me!!!!