2 days since my last post, mixed reviews, ha, Shite really!!! 1 or 2 good PSO results but absaloutely crap in a few mtts ive played, Bankroll has taken a hit, nearly 50%!!! 

After a couple of good days i suppose a couple of bad days were guna happen, but it just seems 2b alot of muppets calling with rags and sucking out, i mean i just wana scream sometimes, i no it cant always be every1 else's fault but to be honest alot of the time its not my fault, if the chips are in the middle im after getting them in ahead mosta d tym, n then the inevitable happens, that wonder river card falls!!

I have been playing my usual game, wont b giving too much away on the post but it just aint working the last two days, it aint cutting it at all!!

Bankroll went from $40.36 down to at the moment $23.29. i will be playing some more tonight but maybe just another game or so... Maybe i need a day or 2 off, a day away from the Mtts and SnGs..