So ive decided im guna post my results fresh again from tommorow the 3rd when the November PSO kicks off again, fresh month, fresh beginning!!

Ive played lotsa games the last few days, played the PSO to death at the end of the month, played a couple of Mtts, some SnGs also. my bankroll has gone up and down dramatically, lol..

I think on the 30/10 it started at $17.04 and wound down to $3.00 by 10pm on the 1/11.
I played a $1, 45 man SnG and took it down in 2hrs 10mins for the win, worth $12.73, bankroll back up to $15.73.
Then i played a .25cent, 45 man SnG, finishing in 5th place after 1hr and 50mins, winning .93cents!!  Haha, slowly but surely i'll get d bankroll up there sumwhere nice!!!  $16.41..

On the night of the 2/11 i played a few more $1, 45 SnG, 3 entrys, no cash in any, 17th my best finish, so farely shitty!! Bankroll back to $13.41..

PSO kicks off again on the 3rd, i plan on giving it a good run in November, wana finish in a decent spot in the league!!

Best of luck every1, c u on the tables!!!