Played in 3 PSO Open League Mtts

PSO @ 02:00 (WET) finishd in 1633/10,000
PSO @ 14:00 (WET) finished in 6436/10,000. My AA got cracked by AK on QJT flop!!! TYPICAL BULL!!
PSO @ 22:00 (WET) finished in 1134/10,000. Played well in this one, never got a decent card, played well to go this deep, some strategic shoving, some sensible lay downs with some low pairs and big connectors, got very miserable cards, nothing worth mentioning, never got my stack above 2k..

Hubble NL Hold Em Mtt @ 01:02 (WET), 226/9000, a good result, but not good enough, not a top 72 finish to get the ticket im after.

13:00 (WET), $3.30micro, double guarantee $60,000!!
This is what sickens me about Online Poker, great example, absolutely sickening what went on.
Im in late position holding A6clubs, BB is 80, a mid position raise of 3xBB to 240, i think about it for a minute and call, maybe i shouldn have made the call? Any suggestions? Would you make that call?
So there is only the two of us in the pot, flop comes down A6x, (Rainbow,1 SPADE). Sweet, 2pair!! Original raiser bets half pot, i pause, think, EASY RAISE, re pop it for 1k, he didn like that, he re pops it all in for 3k, now i have to pause, and think, has he hit trips? Not much else he could have that has me beat at this point, so i think 4 a minute, go into the time bank the whole lot, i didnt think he had trips at all, i thought a big Ace or a big pair, so i make the call, AKspades the VILLIAN shows me, so he has top pair and a backdoor flush draw, needs runner runner spades, and wouldn you know it, the turn comes SPADE, the river comes SPADE!!! SICKENED!!! BUSTED outa the tournie in 8722, shitty!!!
So any suggestions did i deserve that shitty turn and river for making a loose call pre flop? Was it a loose call? Late position A6 suited, early tournament, low blinds, small raise, so i call, speculate to accumulate, lol, the dealer got me good anyways runner, runner SPADES!! Lol... Bankroll $20.34

23.00 (WET) $1.10 NL Hold Em, 4002 entries, top 585 payed, finished 725th place, 140 places outa the money!! No1 to blame in this 1 only myself, got off to a flyer of a start, was in the top 50 players outa 4000 for all of the tournie untill 10mins b4 i busted out!! I had a stack of over 26k, the current average was 14k, i blew a 20k pot, got involved and grew the pot where i shouldn have bothered, as i said was my own fault, should have stayed clear of it and i should have controlled the size of the pot a bit better. So after loosing this monster pot i was down below average and i guess you could say i was STEAMING after it, PISSED ryt off, ended up blowing the remainder of my stack in 5mins, pure self destruct!!! ROTTEN!!!

Untill next tym..