Im guna continue writing this blog for now, probably boring every1 to death, but to be honest its for my benefit really, want to keep track of my results for now, see how they improve or not!!

So i ended up playing 1 more Hubble Mtt @ 21:42 (WET) finishing in 4986/9000

PSO Open @ 22:00 (WET) finishing 4166/10,000 

As i was saying earlier in the blog, i was going to make 1 more deposit, well i cracked and the deposit was made, only a small deposit, euro20,  converts to $28.29..

So with the cash injection i got a rush of blood to the head, lol, i know i was spouting about strict BRM and i am aoing to create a list of rules for my bankroll and stick to them, but that will have to be a job for 2morow, lol!!!

I played, 'The Big $4.40' at 22:30 (WET)
SS 3000, 10min levels, level 1 BB20, level 4 BB50, level 8 BB 120

Had an ok start to this one, mixed it up a little at first, like i said, a rush of blood to the head!! Ended up busting out 400 odd places b4 the bubble, 1123/4929, bubble was 720th place..

I decided to have a go at a $0.25 45man SnG, i decided to try 1 of these as i think i will be playing alot more of them under my new BRM scheme!! 
SS 1500, 10min levels, level 1 BB20, level 4 BB100, level 3 BB300

As u can see, steep level increments, that is also another reason why i am using the blog to keep track of level times and increments, Starting Stacks, etc, to compare and see how my results fare in different types of tournaments.
Played faily tight at the start of this 1, chipped up after maybe half an hour and went on to finsh in 10/45, not good enough considering the stack i had accumulated, top 7 were payed, so no cash here either!!

So the end of the 3rd Day, played a fair bit today, made a deposit, lost some dollars!! O well, just guna have to get better!!  Finished the day on $23.64...

It'll get better soon.......