Started on the 27th with a not so bad run in a Hubble NL Hold Em Freeroll, the 12:22 (WET), placed in 1171/9000, since i started playing the Hubble Mtts that was probably my deepest run. I get frustrated playing these freerolls when i see some of the hands that chaps play with, some of the shite poker that do be going on really really gets me going, haha, just guna have to grin n bare it though, tough it out, surely the poker gods will STOP rewarding these f***ing jokers!! Lol!!
Played in 1 more Hubble at 23:02 (WET), 3439/9000, no good, rubbish!!!

I played 3 PSO Open Skill Leagues also;
14:00 PSO Open, placed 2911/10,000
18:00 PSO Open, placed 3733/10,000
22:00 PSO Open, placed 4482/10,000

I think the few days practice i am getting at the end of this month might stand me in good shape for next months PSO Open, i am going to try my best to play at least 2 PSO Open tournies every day in November, hopefully with a strong finishing position in the league..

I am writing this blog on the evening of the 3rd day 28/10.
I played in 1 Hubble Mtt so far today at 15:02 (WET) finishing in 5708/9000, crap result!!!

So far today i have also played in 2 PSO Open tournies
PSO Open @ 14:00, finished in 242/10,000
PSO Open @ 18:00, finshed in 4093/10,000

The result in the 14:00 PSO Open 242nd out of 10,000 field shows sign of hope at least, my best PSO result to date in this blog, happy enough with that result, top 90 finish next would be nice, onwards and upwards, lol.... 

Untill nxt time.....