So my great new out look, my big ideas about a new start and a fresh begining went up in tatters today!! Lol.. Miserable on the tables, no luck and some bad decisions didnt help.
Well im guna stick to it, im guna keep goin and see how it goes, im guna keep posting aswell, think its guna help me to waffle about hands and tournies, get it off my chest at the end of a session!!
Its been a long day on and off infront of the computer, mixed fortunes, mostly VERY BAD to be honest, im not really impressed at all!!

So i started out with the Hubble NL Hold Em tournie i mentioned in my previous post, i finishd in 3005/9000, not good enough.. I played two more Hubble tournies over the day, one at 16:22 (WET), finished in 4050/9000, and another Hubble Mtt at 23:02 (WET), finished in 4505/9000.
These results are just crap to be honest, im going to have to improve dramatically in these tournies if i want to reach a WR2 Final on some Saturday or Sunday.

I also played in 3 PSO Open Skill League tournies, its been a while since i made a good go at the PSO, im guna try for the next month or two and see how things go.
PSO Open Skill League at 14:00 WET, 1500 SS, 8min Levels, Level1 BB20, Level4 BB100,
Level8 BB250.. Finished in 2158/10,000.
PSO Open Skill League at 18:00 WET, finished in 415/10,000. MY BEST RESULT OF THE DAY!!
PSO Open Skill League at 22:00 WET, finished in 5358/10,000. MY WORST RESULT OF THE DAY!!

So i guess thats it for today at the moment, pretty sh**ty day on the felt, lol!! 

After having a good showing in the 18:00 PSO and picking up some good points i followed that up with a disaster show in the following PSO tournie, therefore loosing valuable points..

NOTE TO SELF: PSO points are VALUABLE, last as long as possible in PSO tournies!! DONT WASTE POSITION AND POINTS!!!!