So here goes the fresh start im looking for, new poker beginnings from today! LOL!! 

I said i am going to make a deposit over the coming days and i will be but for now, i dont know when and i dont know for how much.

So for today's gaming i am going to be playing the Astronomer MTT Freerolls trying to qualify for a Weekly Round 2 Final with a $2000 prizepool, a long shot at best with thousands of entrys in each and varying seats awarded from 48 to 72 seats. I will also try and play at least 2 PSO Open Skill tournies, the PSO being all about finishing as high up the leaderboard as possible, also a near mission impossible everytime with 10,000 entrants for most tournies.

The goal at least for me for the coming month would be to try and qualify for The PSO Premier League, also a tall order but something to aim for, top 500 finshers in the Open Skill League every month get tickets for the premier and the top 200 finishers in the Premier League Qualifiers also get tickets. 

Something to play towards, thats the way im going to tackle it anyway!!

So start of today with the;

Hubbles NL Hold Em Freeroll, 13:02 WET, top 72 awarded seats for WR2 Final.
1500SS, 12min Levels, Level 1, BB20, Level 4, BB100, Level 8, BB400.

Will leave it there for now!! Will comment after tournie....