So i guess at first let me say ive never written a blog before, ive never been into social net working of any kind, the internet for me consists of playing poker, the odd email and the odd bit of research on areas of interest!! I decided to start this blog because im spending most of my spare time these days playing poker so i thought i would get involved alot more in the PSO Community.

Poker began for me at a young age back in 1994 or there abouts when i was around 10yrs old, at home watching my parents play their 5 Crad Draw home games, i was instantly HOOKED!!! I played over the years and learned, i fell in love i guess you could say, haha!! 

To cut a long story short, I stopped playing in 2008 due to a couple of rugrats entering my life, lol, LOVE em to death!! I started playing again this year with a BANG!! I must point out now that my BRM is SICK, im a little stupid when it comes to that!! Thats why im here though, im hoping my blog might get some comments, help me plug some leaks in my game.

Earlier this year i had my best ever online result, and i had it on Pokerstars, so i guess thats why im kinda HOOKED on this site, LOL!! I fin in 4th place out of 2500+ entrants in a $10 freezeout for a cash of  $1250, since then ive had a coupe of 3 figure cash's on another site but nothing worth talking about!! 

So here goes, as of from tomorrow the 26th im going back to basics, guna knuckle down, really try and improve my overall game, im guna deposit once more on Pokerstars over the coming days, a small deposit and im going to stik to a STRICT BRM, concentrate on the PSO Leagues, and play sum micro buy in MTTs and SnGs!!!

I'll be back here from time to time, reporting on the highs and lows of my time on the tables, and reprting on my new BRM Scheme, with the view that this will help my game,  please guys and girls any1 reading with any serious comments or constructive critisisim, please leave a comment, tell me what you think!!!

Untill we meet at the tables, Best of Luck every1, May all ur Cards be LIVE and all ur Pots b MONSTERS!!!!! hahahaha.....