I've been doing fair in my tourneys so far but still coming up with far too many disappointing finishes. I've been writing about this in my blog and doing so has helped me to realize something. The school has helped me adjust my strategy to a more successful one. But the overiding theme when I lose deservedly or even in some of the "bad beats" is that I really shouldn't of been in the hand to start with. I have far to often played hands that while semi-successful in the past have no place in my current strategy. Or I come up with some sort of rationalization that while I know I should not play the hand maybe this is the right time to make an exception. This is a failure in my own logic. I have not even been playing in this new style long enough to know when the time is to make exceptions. I certainly don't need to be falling back on old play styles that have proven to not have the level of success I desire. I have to stop sabotaging my play. When I know better I need to actually do better, no exceptions.