The frustration level is pretty high today. Lost with KK to AA all in pre-flop, fair enough he did have the better hand. Then lose with JJ to someone chasing an inside straight with 10 8 evn after a big pre-flop raise and hitting on the river, I was betting big the whole way too. Pretty aggravating but he had me covered like 20 times over so even though I still think he had no business in the hand... whatever. I shake it off and decide to go another round. I'm doing decent, slowly building and get JJ. Make a 5x raise get a reraise by the little stack (but was not a complete raise) and then another player goes all-in over the top covering me. Little guy has AQ off and other better has A7 of hearts. The flop was (something) Ace 7. I feel like I got robbed a little bit. I can see the little guys call no problem. If it had been just him I'd of lost maybe a quarter of my stack and been fine with that. I really don't see why the other guy was in there though. I don't know maybe he made a good play and I'm just not there on the learning curve yet. I certainly can't claim to be an expert or I wouldn't be here. But man, I am feeling irrate right now. Guess its time to go enjoy other pursuits for a bit.