Just got 436th out of 869. Was just hanging out waiting for the good hand and somebody pushes all in and I have KK. The have me covered but I really don't even consider the situation and auto call. They have Aces. While there is no way I can make myself justify folding pocket Kings to a preflop raise with no other callers there was a definite error I made here I think. I should of taken a moment to consider the situation before I called. I should of considered the chip stacks. I should of considered how many people could call behind me and if they were prone to play any Ace. I, or anyone should take a moment to think before the risk thier tournament. Even though none of these factors would of likely affected the decision I made there is nothing to lose with taking some time to think before your whole stack goes in. Even on the no brainers it will help reinforce doing it on the less solid hands and make your play more consistent giving less away about the strength of the hand to others who might call as well.