In a recent forum post I read the writer said that because he was already down to an unrecoverable league rank for the month he was going to join the shove monkey mentality of constant all in pushes hoping to be continuously lucky and hit the lottery to a high finish. Why not he mused, I have nothing to lose right? Well I'd like to answer that for anyone who might consider radically changing thier play style with this line of thought. Yes you do have something to lose. Bad play will reinforce bad habits, even worse when it gets rewarded. Do you ever wonder why folks have a favorite hand that is really quite an unplayable hand. It's easy to forget all the times it loses, but those rare big wins will stand out in thier memory. Playing the shove monkey for a while will have similar bad effects. It is likely gonna up your aggression when you return to your real play style. This will most likely be bad and though it may even turn out to be a good thing because it has happened unconciously you will not of learned anything. If you are here to learn then the league games are for practice and you should never practice bad habits. Part of the reason we practice is so when the situation arises in the "real" games we can fall back on the instincts our practice has developed and not have to devote time rethinking a situation every time it arises. Bad practice will cause you to rely on bad or even wrong instincts. So what you have to lose is all the work you have put in trying to develop a solid game. So long as your downswing is just variance or bad fortune and not a fundamental flaw in your game you'd be doing yourself a disservice by doing this. If you are planning on changing up your game it should be to something you want to stick with.