So I entered the afternoon PSO tourney today. Nothing special for most of the tourney, never a huge win or misplay. I managed my chipstack and played solid and before long was in the money. Then with about 50 or so left the next tourney is cranking up so I hit thatt too. I lose a few hands there but not for much and hang tight in the other too. Then I get AA in the new tourney raise, am reraised, so I push it all. He has an AJ so I am feeling good, must be my lucky day. K 10 A on the flop... oh crap. No queen, no queen... BAM queen and I am out before I've hardly started. Oh well sometimes you do it all right and still lose, that is just the nature of the game. So in the other tourney there is about 30 of us left and I have about 5x the big blind so I play it agressively and in just a few hands of all ins with no calls I have quite a respectable stack again, not huge but definitely out of low stack panic mode. All is well when under the gun I get Q10 off. There is 20 left in the tourney by now and I know its not a great hand but I decide to call and see what the table does before I make a big commitment. I get reraised 3x and the rest fold. Not the best hand still but if I miss it won't kill me to lay it down. the flop is 10 8 7. Well this is great for me, I can just push him right out I figure so I shove the stack. He has pocket 10s. I yelled out loud a little bit. The pain was great. One day I am gonna learn to leave those iffy hands alone I hope. So today I managed 19th out of 1005 and a poor 849 out of 1074. Some stats from the good game (I doubt I saw enough hands in the other to be significant even if I was willing to go to the trouble). Saw the flop 7 out of 20 times while in big blind (35%), 8 out of 23 times while in small blind (34%), and all together 28 out of 201 (13%). I won pots 10 of 16 at showdown (62%) and 16 without. I ya notice I won more pots then I saw flops its because of stealing blinds preflop. This also makes me realize that my win % of hands played in a previous post is in error due to including that versus the flops I saw. Oh well I am supposed to be learning after all.