So my very first hand I get AJ which I am excited to play and raise to 80. 6 other players go all in. I fold and AKQ of spades flops, then 9 of spades. The river is a blank, my J was a spade. I hate life. The second hand I have 99 and make a generous raise, to people raise all in behind me. Between this and the last hand I am more then a little tilted, recognize it and make the call anyway. My opponents have AA and 22, thank goodness for a 9 on the flop. A hand or two later I get A10 and the flop is AAJ... check... my opponent checks, turn is a blank. I check and opponent is all in, I call and they are holdings QQ. Things are going nicely now, I am 2nd in the tourney in chips and I get handed JJ. I make a nice raise and the flop is AAK, pump the brakes. No bets and the turn is a blank and it checks to me, time to push. Of course someone had the A and I lose 3/4 of my stack. My own fault really, guess I needed a reality check. Time to settle down and play smart. A lot of up and down follows but nothing huge.I am taking a lot of blinds with 4x raises with good hands. Slowing working up with occasional setbacks. Really just staying right around the average chip stack. Unfortunately there was not much of anything that happened after that till I was a big blind with K10 and got pushed in on and felt like I needed to call and had to go against AQ that hit not 1 but 2 queens. Poker just kicks ya like that some times. 188th of 1036