So I discoverd the poker school today (9/07)and had some time to burn so I took a look. The league play seemed like a neat way to play so I signed on and blew through the lessons. The basic course was easy enough since I've been playing a while though some of the questions did not seem to of been covered in the lessons. Still, I passed and the core course was definitely interesting. I feel like it may be a little too agressive but it made me reconsider my play style and up the agression level some. So after I get my ticket I decide to take it to the poker room. In my first tourney I play decently, trying to adapt to this new agressiveness. It come down to me with KJ off and a board of J 5 something low rainbowed. I push all in, and walk right into pocket queens for a disappointing 905th out of 1311. Well it happens. Unfazed I jump right into another tourney. Once again I try the agressiveness but am still having trouble pusing it to the max. I am progressing through the field but not really gaining a lot in chips. So I get a pair of 5s in the small blind. At this point I recall the % rule with low pairs. To call would be more then 5% of my stack but not a whole lot more. So I call, and the big blind raises... I hate these hands where I shouldn't be in anyway and then I am raised but since I am in I make the call with 1 other for 3 in the pot. The flop is 7 3 3 rainbow. I am first to act and the pot is now worth around my chip stack, with the raise I figure who would of stayed in with a 7 or a 3. So I push. I sure must of made the guy holding pocket queens happy. If only I'd folded at the start like I should of, or even to the raise, again like I should of. 676th out of 1249. Well, live and learn. That was all the poker I could take for one evening. Hopefully I can dodge those queens in the future and make better decisions as well.