Hi ,Ok this is just a bit more back ground to my Stake listing

First you may be aware I won the ticket so Im freerolling.But dont think for a minute that Im not putting everything into winning.

I have had no scores online as I only play micros &sttsngs mostly but do have some respectable live scores high hundreds to low thousands in small mtts and cash games

I have decide to set up TOURNAMENT INDICATOR as I feel comfortable with the dashboard and am a big fan of the MZONE feature (check it out its great)

I have spent every spare minute researching and training for this event.

Im running hot in the WCOOP freerolls beating a 17k field and top 100 in two others

My short hyper turbo  shove/fold game is on fire and I think this will come into play late in satty

I dont have any problems with pressure ,if you know how I made my income in the past you will know why, with out going into detail ,at least my life isnt on the line here ,no pressure Im tilt proof .I know when its time to fold AA pre flop .lol.

There are a massive 25 seats GRTD Here our odds are very good, Im in for a seat not 1st place.

I am assembling a great support/rail team from PSO

PSO members are on FIRE this month how can we lose

So any questions ? fire away or tweet me @lostinpoker

Thank You