I really hoped that I would never have to write another blog about this and could write about poker but seems not.

In recent days a new member to PSO has been harassed to the point that she no longer wishes to be a part of the Pokerstars PSO club (or Anzac for that matter)

Roslyn_akka has not been with us long but has proved to be a very good, Iwould say natural player.She has been called a snake,back-stabber and worse in chat and on twitter to the point that she feels its imposible to carry on.

So whats her crime ? well another member had his chat banned for among other things abusing and threatening to kill other players on his table. Ros was accused of calling the moderators (I was also for that matter ,I wasnt and dont think even Ros was on the table). and tagged as a "Snake" "Dog " "Dobber".

 Now did the person deserve to have chat banned ? thats not the point here and I dont care its up to the moderators to decide that.

The point is a person was picked out by 2 or 3 people associated with the person banned and harrassed and abused with NO proof .In fact it would be far more likely that one of those threatened would have called the mods NOT someone not involved at all .Correct.? And if  that person decided to call mods then they have that right if they are abused or threatened. Correct ? 

So to all those bottom feeders that have jumped on the band wagon,please ask your self this.If you think calling a mod was wrong ,thats your choice but before you tar anyone make sure you have some proof,not just a "feeling" . As there is no proof that Ros did call mods ( or any one  for that matter) and who ever did call mods wishes it not to be known (I wonder why !)  I can only think that maybe those abusing her,  you have a hidden agenda ? is Ros to good a player for you ? do you feel like the fact she is a nice popular person scary to you in your little world ?

I have not named any of you here as I dont want it to turn into a which hunt by those that support Ros .But that may be what you need a dose of your own abuse ? Im sure you would not like it.

So In closing THINK before you act.

and remember we are here to play POKER.