Let me set the scene

UPDATE TO THIS POST I  HAD  NOT  on FLOP.(have adjusted FLOP.Sorry.


I play in a Tuesday night pub MTT game.It draws about 35 to 50 players with buy ins of $30 or $50 dollars (double starting stack) with rebuys for 90 mins and a Addon of $30.It pays about $1000 for 1st down to $50 for eighth.Its the normal mix of fish,"bingo" all-in jamming rebuyers and a few of us that can play a decent game.

I play a pretty tight game as the table is normally very,very loose  before the rebuys ends,nothing out of the norm about that .You have to adjust to pub leagues as a lot of the players are fish or "level 1" ,they hang on to any small pair to the bitter end and are not capable of folding to a 4 card flush or straight board when you rep you have the nuts as they just dont have the "skill" to read the board.But I adjust and play to their skill level and dont expect them to play to mine.This means very little bluffing works here as they just cant fold.Although very easy to bluff say a ACE on the flop if the fish have checked around to you.Im sure you get the picture Im trying to paint.

I dont play every week,due to illness, but when a do I normally make  the final table (FT),which is great but where my trouble starts.

The FT is 10 seated and the cash starts at 8th.

The last THREE I have bubbled  on the cash !

Normally I dont tilt over a hand but  the hand I played that cost me 85% of my stack and meant I then bubbled for the 3rd time in a row is eating me  up 3 days latter.

In the 6 hands prior I had folded   & both pre flop which would have given me trip 8s and a boat 9s over kings.The trips was to a earlier shove from small stack and the boat was to a shove from other small stack,one lost a flip and was out one doubled up.

9 left, 4 including me are very short ,20 or less BB ,Im 3 rd or 4th.

My stack 47k  SB1200 BB2400, It folds round to me Mid Pos HoleCards I limped,folds round to BB who checks.FLOP  I bet 15k  knowing that the BB was a fish who was short stacked to who had folded all night unless he had top pair.he had been on my tables all night.

BB then raised me effectively put me all in.I knew straight away he had an ACE,no flush was up so his second card didnt matterif it was a KING or a 3, I tanked for 2 mintues and the tables was very noisy.Im tired and thought in my haste that my only outs where 4  x  TENS x TWICE to make BROADWAY.(more on my outs latter). So I looked at my chips thinking that I had maybe enuff to fold on and make cash if I folded now,blinds were about to go up to 1500/3000 in few minutes.


He showed , they dealt the cards TURN RIVER I WOULD HAVE MADE MY STRAIGHT!

Went through my next big blind which I folded shoved on  as I was card dead,OUT.

Back to my outs.I now now my outs were really 3 x QUEENS 3 x JACKS 4 x TENS TIMES 2 for TURN and RIVER 20  OUTS TOTAL. What the hell was I thinking !!!!

So starting from the  hand How would you have played it  and the following 2 hands?

And what other advice including shoving ranges do you play on the cash bubble in a 45 man type MTT?

Thanks for interest now rip me to bits.