I have recently joined poker stars... I have previously had marginal success playin PLO cash online and found it to be very profitable.. I have decided to to turn  my hand to tournament no-limit holdem..

When i first joined pokerstars i topped up by 20 euro and it lasted for quite a while, just getting familiar with tounament structures and what not.. ive found that in the micro MT SNG 's that there is ALOT of fish out there.. I cant even count the amount of times I have got it in good, and been sucked out by someone with sometimes even less than nothing be it a back door flush draw with no pair or 1 time my aces got cracked with 72off there was alot of betting going on preflop and made a stand and shoved with a medium stack.. got called by another medium stack with the hand stated above,, He paired his 7 on the flop and the duece on the river was the killer.. This stuff happens in poker but it seems to be alot more frequent than i anticipated? Do other people feel this way or is this just me?