After playing on stars for a few years I had been gringing the MTTs with no major profit but adjusting to the learning curve of poker going from a fish to a more tight aggresive respected player. Learning  from trial and error my runs started getting deaper and sunday evenings where becoming my faveorite time of the week! 

One sunday evening I started the Sunday storm on my laptop at work. (chefs work weekends) I quaded up first hand with AA and was winning all my flips untill the first break. Excited I nearly broke the speed limit driving home not wanting to miss any acton or blinds! Surely enough I ran like God staying in top 20 players all tournament and eventually coming 2nd for $19.000. The next week I played the big Sundays again and finished 2nd in the $100 rebuy for $27.000.

Totally excited I withdrew it all out over 5 days quit my job and went clubbing around Spain and festivals around England (Glastonbury).

I had an amazing year of fun but I didnt think about my bankrole management. I spent the whole lot in a year on fun not working and then found my self with nothing having to start from scratch again,

If I could go back I would have bankroled properly and lived of the skim and wouldent be in the possition i am in now.

I learnt the hard way although I had a very good year!!

Be a responsable player.