Poker, on the face of it, Is a very simple game. Two cards, five community cards and make the best 5 card hand you can. It's all so very simple at the beginning. I started playing with a group of mates, £5 single table sit and gos. I loved the game instantly, the cards, chips and the frankly unbeatable feeling of being dealt aces. 

My friends weren't so interested in getting better or trying too anyway, so I had to do other things to broaden my knowledge, TV shows mainly. Then I found Pokerstars, and then PSO. Which is an incredible free tool by the way. Both which helped me improve greatly. Now I read books and am subscribed to a training site, for the short term anyway,  An interesting caveat to these methods of learning is Twitch. You can watch professional poker players play every hand of a tournament. Mostly for free too.I remember reading people suggesting seeing hole cards on TV of a tournament played months previously was the 'End of poker' Twitch might help bring new players into the game.

This brings me to the tilte of my blog, Deeper and Deeper. The more I learn the more I realise I still have to learn. Opening ranges, bet size, which position, against who, do they 3 bet, do they fold to a 4 bet, will I likely get squeezed, should I flat? Just some of the thoughts and decisions and that's preflop before any action has taken place! But, for all the learning tools available, you still have to learn. Have to practice, have to study, play better players, beat the regulars not just the recreational players. And I still feel like the vast majority of players don't do this. 

I've tried to move up before and had a downswing which forced me back down again. I'm going to try again in September. I might fail again. That won't stop me trying again. So, I'm going to work hard to keep trying to improve. Or at least get dealt Aces more often.