Hey everyone,

So today, I decided to play in my first true hyper turbo. Not one of those 6 person satellites of anything, but a full tournament. The tournament consisted of about 1300 players. By the time there were about 100 people before the bubble, I was in 2nd last place. I stared to get good hands that I hand to go all in because I had nothing else. I kept winning and barely made it to the cash. Once the bubble burst, I was happy and decided to wait it out abit to increase the cash I won since I only had about 2-5 big blinds left. Then opportunity hit. I got 3 hands in a row, AA, KK, AK. I doubled up, tripled up, and knocked a few people up and ended up in around 20th. By then, I was going to let it run its course as I had somewhere to be so I sat out, I wanted to see what was going on so I logged back in. I was 12th out of 15th with pocket aces. So I called an all in and raised it to me all in. A person called and I was in 8th. I continued abit and found myself in 8th out of 9. I had made the final table. By this time, I was late for my event but just by abit. I didn't want to just to sit out so I went all in with a  and was called. The opponent had  so I knew it was a long shot. The board gave me a deuce-six straight and put me in 3rd. 6 hands later(I didn't play them), There were only 3 players left. I had  and called all in as I was the short stack and rivered a 7 to Jack straight. Leaving the guy with only 4 big blinds left. I knocked him out next hand with a full house. ITs heads up. I never thought I would ever get this far. I was the dominant chip leader with 80% of the chips. The next hand, my opponent went all in and I called with a bad hand and he won. I lost some chips but was still 1st. His button, I get dealt . He calls all in. I call. He turns over  . The board shows . I rivered a full house. 

I went from being 2nd last before the bubble to 1st place in 30 minutes. I know there was a lot of luck in this game, but I tried to play the way you have to play in hyper turbos and got paid.

Luck is what happens Preparation meets Opportunity.