Hey Everyone!

I haven't been posting in a long time. I have been doing lots of school work and broadening my horizons. I looked at my profile on here and saw that I have been viewed over 3000 times with my blog which I thought was pretty good! I dont even have that many likes on facebook on all my statuses and pictures combined! 

Anyways I'm happy to say that I am on my way to becoming an engineer, I have been doing very well as I have found a great way to keep studying. And that is to play a tourney or 2, nothing more, and play while I study. This keeps me very concentrated on both things at once. 

So I have decided to go out there on days I have a break and see how I can play live. After some interesting nights at my local casino, where I am now banned from playing blackjack( won 25k in 8 hours), I decided to play the hold'em tables. The tables that are at my casino are a 1$/2$ 400$ max buy-in, and a 5$/10$ 1000$ max buy-in. So I decided that because I haven't played much live, I played the lower table. I did pretty good I made a profit of about $300. 

Some of my friends decided to start a university club and see who would enter if we had regular games. We made ourselves a little leaderboard where the top 3 people get some cash. Last month, I finished 1st out of around 20 guys so I got a nice chunk of money. I decided to deposit some money onto here and see what I can do. The last few days, I have final tabled 3 360 SnGs, finished 2nd in a 90 player SnG, got in the top 100 in 4 tourneys and cashed in 3 of them (not including the top 100 finishes). These last few days, I have used the concept of being conservative with my plays, going all in when you have the best hand, bluffed off the best hands, and been making some money. I have also finished 2nd and 1st in the Sunday Million 4 shootout hyper turbo. 

Hopefully I can continue a good streak like this and finish off the the holidays with a nice cash in the Sunday $5 million. 

Have a great day guys and happy holidays.