Hey everyone!

So today wasn't as good as my last few days but I am still doing pretty good. Today I decided to deposit $25 CAD into my account and see what I can do with it. I played in the common cents, didn't place, I got hit with a bad beat but thats ok. After that I played a few progressive super knockouts because I love those things. I knocked out enough people in one to pay for both of my tourneys ($11 and $4.40). I didn't place but the knockouts helped me.

I then ended up playing a $5.50 Hyper-turbo because I wanted to try it and ended up placing 54th which got me around $20 to that was awesome. 

My last tourney I played til now was just a $7 18 player sit n go. I finished in 4th so that got me another $ 11.something. 

I am currently playing the hot $5.50 so lets see what I can do. I am also playing an $8 180 player sit n go.

I hope to have a great night of playing poker. Now I am going to leave off with a question that I hope people will comment on.

What do you want to see the most while playing on PokerStars other than seeing your account balance sky rocket?

I would love to see a full high buy in tourney hit the maximum player capacity. Like the big $55 hit 50,000 players. I would just love to see that.

I hope everyone has a good night. To Canadians Happy Thanksgiving and everyone else an AWESOME weekend!!!!