Hey all,

So today I was playing in the Big $55 and the absolute worst thing happened. Theres about 100 people left to go before cashing and I'm not in the danger zone, I'm about middle. A guy goes all in and I'm on the button with 2 9 off suit. So I go to click fold and it clicks all in as I go over the all in button. I never clicked all in, I don't have an option on my laptop to click a button if it hovers over the button. So i'm left with less than one big blind after losing (of course). 

Now the funny thing is this has happened before and Pokerstars did nothing about it. They immediately say that its my fault. My laptop trackpad does not click if you tap the track pad, you have to click a button and is tough to press. 

Now I know they will do nothing again about it, but I will say this right to pokerstars. If its your fault, don't run away scared, man up and come clean about your malfunction.