Hey all.

I was interested in trying for another ticket for the sunday million so i decided to play the $1.65 satellite again.

I was hovering in the middle for about an hour and a half. I ended up losing with  and dropped to $2000 with the big blind being about $5000. (i can't remember). I went all-in as I had to. I won the hand went up to about $10 000. I was around the middle of the pack again. 

Then later on I was at $23 000 with the big blind at $10 000. I had Pocket Aces. I went all-in and took out 6 players with a three of a kind. I jumped to 4th place.

I ended up finishing the tournament at 6th place which gave me another sunday million ticket!.

If I understand the chip and chair reference, I think this was a pretty good one.