Hey guys, 

Here is a unfortunate event that happened to me just 15 minutes ago. 

Cards come around and i got Kh Kc. I have a middle stack at $2770. I'm UTG. I raise from $160-$320. A few folds a few calls. 

Big Blind raises to $480, I re-raise to $800.

2 players go all-in(not enough for $800.

Flop comes up. 6s 4h 7c.

I bet $1900.

Button and Big Blind go all-in at $3385.

I call as this is all-in for me as well. 

Players show cards: UTG +1 [Ad 7d], LP(before button) [7s Js], Button [QsKs], and Big blind [Ac3c]

Full Board comes up [6s 4h 7c 8h Jc]

I lose to a two pair Jacks and Sevens. And out of the tournament

Now was my playing skills alright or was this a lousy play from me?