i won 4 packages of poker; but before that i had lot of training Irl and freeroll; i was a student in psychology, i met lot of people, i like people, that is why i can read them!

I am also quick learner and have got good analyse skills, this is maybe thanks to my teacher at school and uni when i was learning math and psychology.

I did win 4 packages, i had amazing time thanks to the poker

But than i build a family and i had  other priority, i couldn't be 100 pour cent being in London, small flat with your wife, your child, your life... no time for poker.

When i was playing was more for relaxing than to win!

But i have a different life now. I can finally learn, grow and win.

I have more time for me, my kid es going to school now and she sleeps during the night

Have got a bigger flat, a normal job, have got a life!

And i think is time now, i am ready to win big money!