Well as a lot of you know, last month I did horrible in PSO.  I ended up having my worst month since I got serious about PSO.  Last month was a horrible month in poker period for me, however I did get on one incredible run which started yesterday.  Yesterday I finished I believe in 6th in the last PSO tourney of the night, I also final tabled in the NAPL Senior Division and ended up coming in 2nd.  In that tourney I get 90 points and some money for it as well, I also finished in 46th in a dollar tourney that started with 5,099 players.  Well today I played in 2 PSO tourneys.  I cashed in one of them and got positive points in theother.  The one I cashed in I believe I got 59th.  I also played in the NAPL Senior Division tourney again today and how do I come back from a 2nd place finish the day before?  I final tabled it again and this time I ended up in 3rd.  There were over 700 people in each of those NAPL tourneys too.  I hope everyone can get on a roll like that.  Good luck to everyone this month and I hope to hear from everyone soon.