O.K. I ended last night by having JJ beat by J8 off suit with a rivered 8 for trips.  I ended up starting my first tourney today in 258th place.  I am sick of this losing crap so it is time to start playing better poker and get in the positive points swing again.  I know J8 off suit beating JJ is a bad beat, but no more bad things happening overall.  I am playing in 4 tourneys today and mark my words I WILL BE IN THE POSITIVE points for today which means I will earn more points today than I lose.  I will let you all know how it turns out at the end of each tourney.  Good luck everyone and have a great day.  The first tourney of the day for me was the 15:00 est tourney and I cashed finishing in 127th place.  The hand that knocked me out was:  I had 99 the other person had JJ he pushed preflop and with less than 2 BB and SB's in my stack of course I called and couldn't improve.  It is a + points tourney with about 33 points so that is very good.  will let you all know how tourney number 2 goes.
I just got finished with my 2nd tourney of the day and cashed in that one as well.  I finished in about 124th or a little worse, somewhere in that area.  No matter what happens now I will be + points for the day, but I am not going to rest on that or let that loosen up my play either.
Well in my 3rd tourney just before the break I got dealt QQ and ended up getting it all in preflop which was very dumb and got beat by A9 off suit.  Oh well it is lost points for that tourney and now almost an hour to go before the last tourney of the night.  I WILL PLAY BETTER IN THAT LAST TOURNEY.  At least I am still going to be + points on the day regardless.  I finished in like 790th out of over 1700 entries.

Ok.  I just got finished with the final tourney of the night.  We started with a little less then 1,500 entries and I did infact cash and I ended up in 14th overall.  A darn good tourney to end the night.  My last hand I had a little over 20k in chips in the SB everyone folded to me and I had A 9 off suit, with the blinds and antes being very big at that point  I had only one option which was to push all in.  I pushed all in and got called instantly by someone with a stack over 100k he shows K 3 off suit and flops a K with no A on the board or straight or flush to help me improve I get knocked out.  I wanted to win it when I got that close.  Oh well at least I put in a heck of a showing in getting 14th.  That should put me at close to what I started that really bad run with.  So today I had 3 cashes and 1 middle of the field exit.  Tomorrow I might have to go see my doctor though about getting some more meds.  Talk to you all tomorrow and have a great night.