After messing around with play money for a few minutes, I finally bit the bullet and deposited $10 of my own real money into a shiny new PokerStars account. My first mistake was accidentally wandering into a 7-card stud freeroll. Freeroll, no biggie, but I did have to scramble around to get a brief overview between hands. Next I played around a bit on .01/.02 full ring games, and lost a couple bucks. Then I entered a $1.10 SNG and ended up in 2nd place, with a big win of $7.20! That brought my roll up to a little over $15. Today, I've mostly been playing full ring .01/.02 games and am currently at about $16 total in my roll. This is all luck. I'm a terrible player, get too emotionally attached to hands, get annoyed when I feel I'm being bullied and then TAKE THE BAIT. I know I'm doing it and yet find it difficult to stop. MUST STOP. I'm not keeping very good track of hands, positions, or anything else. I've gotten a tiny bit better at understanding positional play, which had never quite registered in my brain. So, some beginner's luck has me at 60% increase in my roll at the moment, but I don't kid myself that i actually know what I'm doing. I have a very basic concept of betting strategies, starting hand values, and the like. I pretty much suck. So let's see how far I can drag out this initial deposit before I go bust.