Since I reached the very close result of my targeted top 500 place on Open School League TLB, I am facing disasterous bad beats, continously. Like loose monster to Q5 and stuff like that. So I failed to qualify to Premier Skill League, I decided to don't play any more qualification game in Poker School Online. That was a nice month, anyway, and I don't give a damn for online poker during the summer anyway. It seems like, I can end up in 1600, and earn some money, but that wasn't my point, so I don't even use it.And I also think that, its fair enough, I don't want to reserve a place in Premier Skill League before someone, who is good enough for that, better than Me. So thanks for all the exiting tables, the dumbs with 24 all ins, the Q5's as well, it was just nice and enough. Good luck for all players!


And don't forget to mention your experiences in PremSkillLea.