My brother introduced me to this poker game and because I'm very familliar with the poker hand rankings, I learned fast then Istarted playing cash game. In almost 6months to 8months of playing I guess I only win 5x, 2 years ago. Then my brother introduced me to online games, he tell me all the links with free bankroll and after that i play and still losing. Then ive found out the pokerschoolonline, I read read read and finishing some courses. Now that im learning more like the positioning, betting and more experienced in playing Mtt and decision making, my skills is improving because when i play BankrollMob in Fulltilt  and pokerstars  I make sure to reach the final table or number 1. But stil i keep on learning.


Playing  cash games is very exciting the money is very fast when you play smart or if not you regret of loosing all of it.Know when to let go of the card even if its AA or KK depends on the situation, or if the other player is three of a kind and you have two pairs not knowing it.dont put all the chips in the middle if your not 100 percent sure of winning.Dont drink beer or dont get drunk while playing bec. It will affect your decision making.(when i do get drunk while playing regrets are coming after i lost) Play with the right mood and mind set and there must be no disturbance while playing.  And because of too much stress playing poker we must have nice sleep and very good rest.


Its happy to be a winner and hurts to be a looser, now you will be WISELY!  

Achieving something requires goals, planning and determination. Keep learning and play smart, One day Time will come that we will be a POKER CHAMPION!