The Big Bang is a giant freeroll tournament held on the second saturday every month. With a prize pool of $5,000 guaranteed. In this blog post I will tell you the best strategy for this specific tournament.

Last month when I sat down at the "Big Bang" I was prepared for a very tough game. I thought that this would be a great opportunity to play better players. That was also the reason why i didn't multi table that night. I wanted to develop my game, and most off all I wanted to develop my ability to read other players betting-patterns. So after 15 minutes I was so bored that I turned on the radio. My opponents didn't even play 5% or their hands, while the 20% is normal to play. Everybody was so tight-passive because the prize pool was so high, that they didn't dare to bet. If I wanted I was able to steal from middle or late position. My advice is to play loose-aggressive and to bluff a lot. Even when people call the flop and turn, they will be likely to fold the river. When finally in the money people will be looser and you can play your normal game again. To win some tickets just keep on playing and make some good blog posts.

Good luck guys! I hope to see you in the next Big Bang!