Bluffing is an important skill in poker, but to know when your opponent is bluffing isn't a bad skill either. There are many different ways to sniff out a bluff, and I will teach you all tricks and tells I know.



1. Betting patterns

2. Time tells

3. Psychological tells

4. Going on tilt


Betting patterns

To know your opponents betting pattern is very useful. When you notice that your opponent deviates from his betting pattern he could be bluffing. If your opponent always raises 3x but now suddenly he could be on a bluff. In this case he's afraid to get called and lose his money. If your opponent raises with 4x instread of 3x he may be afraid of getting called and then raising more to look stronger. You should know that you always have to stick to your betting pattern (at least if you are a beginner or a mediocre player) when bluffing. So if your opponent raises more or less than he's used to he could be bluffing.


Time tells

When your opponent is taking a lot of time to make a decision and then bets, he could have a very good hand or nothing. Of course he could just be doing something else at the moment. But if you play in a casino and he needs a lot of time, then there must be something going on. Of course if your opponent always takes a lot of time to make his decisions you shouldn't count this as a tell.


Psychological tells

If you only play online and never ever want to set a foot in a casino you can skip this part. But if you play or want to play in a casino than this could be useful. Im talking about body language. Body language is an endless subject. After studying it for many years there will still be hidden secrets you'll never find out. Therefore I will keep this short and only talk about the basics.

If your opponent is chating a lot or confident in any way and then suddenly is quiet or not confident anymore after placing a bet or raise, he could be bluffing. If he's leaning back and then suddenly crosses his arms after you raised him or placed a bet. That tells you two important things. One: he's not confident anymore but he was before you raised him. Two: he doesn't like your raise. There are a lot more body language tells, but if you want to learn more about that you should read a book or something like that.


Going on tilt

If players get on tilt they usually start to bluff. Players usually get on tilt when they lost a couple of times in a row or had a bad beat. If you think that your opponent if going on tilt and you see him raising a lot, he's bluffing most of the time. And if you call him down he will get on tilt even more.


It's a great way to practise by watching ''sweat the hand'' to sniff out a bluff. Before the showdown pause the video and comment what your thinking. Is he bluffing or is he not?

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